I 'm a 3d artist, living in the los Angeles area with over 12 years of  games/3d experience. i recently left the game studio life and am forming a boutique shop with some heavy hitters from film/gmaes/ and VR. Thanks for taking a look and ill update when i can.  if you want to skip the gallery browsing, i just zipped all my images and linked them in yellow below. and if you need art services don't hesitate to reach out,  our skills range from  simple concepting to advanced 3d problem solving.



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03/25/2017....   added a photo section and a link to my instagram.


11/04/2016....   going independent! going to try and form a small shop of heavy hitters in LA. we just finished our first project, and are starting to get the business together. give me a shout if you need some art!


06/01/2016....   Currently deep in production on Titanfall 2.